Archived Wiki

Here we look at various approached to archiving wiki content. Sites come and go. People lose interest, or let them domains lapse for one reason or other. When this happens we lose this content from the federation - save for those pages you have forked for yourself to your own site.

Making it simpler to archive content in a feely available format is a core part of the strategy for the federation. The content is designed to be useful and stored in a machine readable format that stands the test of time.

Archiving a static snapshot of the json, favicon, and sitemap of a wiki is all that is needed cor the current wiki client to display wiki content.

On this site we also want to explore / consider alternative formats that are equivalent to this json, but more readable in a browser or any text editor without the need for any complex javascript code.

A possible strategy here is to use markdown for basic content and statically rendered HTML for plugin content. We would loose interactivity for plugins here - but carful thought put into the snapshot functionality may provide the best of both worlds.

# Dat

Some sites that have been archived using dat.

Mike Caulfield is director of blended and networked learning at Washington State University Vancouver. (this is an archive copy of Mike's journal)

Nick is a JavaScript nerd, and contributor to Smallest Federated Wiki. Checkout my introduction to JavaScript or the list of JavaScript Common Pitfalls.