Assets Folder

You can upload files to your wiki using the About Assets Plugin. Drag and drop a file on the plugin (grey area) below to upload a file.


To bring images, or videos into wiki, you can lclik on the link in the assets plugin above to open the file up in a new tab, and then drag the url for this media asset onto the imagine transporter below.


Files must end with a recognised media extension like jpg/jpeg/png/gif/mp4 etc for the imagine transport to know what to do with asset files. You may wish to rename files appropriately before uploading them.

# How it works The plugin displays files stored in an `assets` folder for the current site and sites specified as fork events in the journal of this page.

To provide support for static assets if a site contains an `assets` directory alongside it's pages it contents will be served under the `/assets/` url.

**N.B.** The server will not create this directory, but will start serving content from it when it becomes available.

# Fedwiki home

We are also able to create a new Fedwiki Home to replace the Welcome Visitors page.

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