Audio Archive

Here we describe our __audio archive__. This is work in progress. We look to use main stream tools, and integrate them into modern decentralised archiving practice.

# Dropbox We us Dropbox integration to make it easy to:

1. Organise our archive into folders 1. Add metadata and document the files in Paper 1. Sync it to the local file system of producers 1. Leverage robust API to integrate with wiki and other syustems

Unfortunately we cannot embed Dropbox audio files in wiki or external applications. We therefore need a better way to store and archive audio as we do with finished video which we archive on Vimeo.

# Podcast Hosting

Essentially any podcast hosting is a way of making the audio available to anyone one the internet with an http request. that means you can embed the audio in wiki, or any other software (including mobile).

Many web sites platforms obscure this ability, by using complicated custom javascript players, however the RSS feed exposes the information together with some quite rich metadata for each track.

Because with the sound garden archive we are looking to store more complex metadata (in particular but not only) geolocation data of where and when the audio was recorded) - we need to choose a somewhat specialised podcasting service (or create our own).

The following services look the most useful for our purpose: - Audioboom - Spreaker -