Decentralised Web

The decentralised web refers to the original concept of the web in which everyone was both a consumer and a publisher of date - we ran our own servers, and as such were empowered as equal citizens on the web. In many ways this origianl vision has completely dissappeared. here we look at tools, and strategies to rbing decentralisation back to the internet platfroms we use and love.

A number of projects – such as Ethereum, ZeroNet and the SAFE Network—aspire to create ways to build websites and applications that don’t depend on a single server or company to keep running -

# Decentralised Web Summit

And now, thanks in large part to the Decentralized Web Summit, many of them are working to make their systems cross-compatible -

Mixing things up we can look at: * DWS Lightening Talks * DWS Keynotes * DWS Panel Discussions