Federated servers

Federated servers are a tried and tested basis for decentralised cooperation on the internet. Email is the classic example of such a federated architecture. Federated wiki reinvents this federation in a minimal way for web sites. Each minimal wiki-server provides an entry point into the federation, while maintaining only the smallest possible code base, relying instead on browser-based federation to work it's magic.

However the introduction of transporters, which are basically microservices that receive and emit json according the the federated wiki json schema point the way to other forms of federation that are compatible with this vision - see reclaiming servers.

Federated microservices would extend the range of functionality provided to the federation, leveraging a wide range of programming environments and toolchains.

Containerisation of these services should enable similar forms of functionality with regard to deployment as we see with package managers such as npm. For this to work we need to define our microservices as part of a consistent json pipleline which can be chained together in various ways - similar to the way that unix pipes work.