Fedwiki Tools

A collection of experimental tools. Search for what you need. See Local Changes, and Recycled Pages.

Drop any web page on the transporter below to bring content into the federation with appropriate accreditation.

POST https://rest.livecode.world/imagine

Import a concise list from OneTab:

POST https://rest.livecode.world/onetab/markdown

This transporter compacts reference-items on a page:

POST https://rest.livecode.world/fedwiki/compact_Refs

This transport strips all journal entires.

POST https://rest.livecode.world/fedwiki/journal

Drop a url from Asana here to create a ghost page for a task:

POST https://rest.livecode.world/asana

# Create



# Assets

You may also want to try Image Search or upload assets with the About Assets Plugin below:


# Tools Explore recent changes in the federation over the past few days, by exploring the links below: - Fedwiki Tools - Changes to this Site - Federation Activity - Filtered Federation Activity - Research Group Activity

# Activity Explore recent changes in the federation over the past few days, by exploring the links below: - Federation Activity - Drop in to our Fedwiki chat - riot.im


# Emphasis You may want to look at the currently open: * Question * Issue * Suggestion * Topic * Task * Note

# Drop in - Voz chat - riot.im - Video chat and screenshare - appear.in - Fedwiki chat - vector.im

# Echo Transport

Drop a url on here to see the json sent to the transport:

POST https://rest.livecode.world/echo

# Flagmatic Plugin

This plugin offers an assortment of flags that can replace that of the logged-in site.

# Fedwiki Utils

This version of the Journal Cleaner Transport preserves only Fork Actions in the journal. Let's call it the Fork Cleaner Transport.

POST https://rest.livecode.world/fedwiki/fork_Cleaner

We can also fix page title capitalisation using:

POST https://rest.livecode.world/fedwiki/fix_Title

Strip journal and add fedwiki.org fork event

POST https://rest.livecode.world/fedwiki/addFedwiki

# Plugins and transporters

Here we list some of the new plugins that you may wish to install or keep up to date on your server.



# See also