Permanent Thoughts

Here we think about what it means to be "permanent" in the technical sense we strive to define in this wiki. More to the point we look to define principles that inform the design of software according to the principles of: - Rough consensus - Web Components - Polyglot and Buildless - Single File

The strategy is built around web components, governance components, wasm, polyglot and buildless deployment.

# Close to the metal The metal here are web standards. Our aim, or hope, is to consider web standards as the closest we can get to a document format that is Permanent - that is one which will still be able to be displayed by readers in 10 or 20 years time.

# Buildless prototyping

Let's use Wired Elements for building a functional specification and Shoelace for a prototype.

Long term we are aiming for a polyglot and buildless developer environment built around wasm and web components.