Polyglot and Buildless

Here we explore a new paradigm for web and app development that is built around web standards and the joint aims of polyglot development, and buildless package management and deployment.

Essentially we aim to code with the tools we like in typescript and the language of our choice (eexported to wasm), without any requirement for complex build and deploy tooling.

# Buildless

An overview of a buildless workflow can be found here: - https://open-wc.org/guides/tools/ide/

# Use case

We explore these concepts using: - Livecode & Typescript - Buildless Typescript

We use these technologies to create the Lexon Hub to publish governance components to a Vue.js and Bulma based website.

We use web componeets in together with the above frameworks building on: - Shoelace - github - Wireframe

We look forward to building a polyglot development and server environment using: - Livecode & Wasm - Graal Wasm and Wasmer