Proof in Time & Space

While researching a subject for a documentary or podcast we inevitably create an archive.

Writing in the presence of rampant forking calls into question What it Means to Write and how to do it well.

Most people think of a repository as being a static archive of published documents. A dynamic knowledge repository is a living, breathing, rapidly evolving repository of all the stuff accumulating moment to moment throughout the life of a project or pursuit. page

The permanent archive is the immutable aspect of the permanent wiki. The aim is to create a publishing medium for wiki. It is designed to store immutable assets such as images, video and audio together with standard single page sites, and finalise json data.

There appears to be no publicly available text for thsi manifesto?

Imagined by Vannevar Bush in "As We May Think," in 1945, the memex is a desk-sized scholar workstation containing a microfilm library. Text and images are displayed on two screens, and can be annotated by hand. Most importantly, texts and images can be linked, so that bringing up a text on one screen brings up a linked text on the other. These links can be organized into trails, and the trails shared with others.

Open Simulation Archive is an open archive of 3D science models and simulations. This “biomedical 3D warehouse” would be the science equivalent to Google Warehouse.

The Decentralised Media Archive aims to fulfil the same function as Wikimedia Commons but for the decentralised or permanent web.

An archive can be considered as a store of artefacts, whether digital or physical, but here we look to describe something more organic, more "present" and evolving in terms of structure, and more psychosocial in terms of content.