The Federation

Here we describe the The Federation. We should use this term wisely. It describes quite clearly the social aspects of this project, while also pointing gently towards Star Trek and the future of the Decentralised Web.

What we aim at here is to begin to discuss a wider movement of software, and content producers in terms of creating a new form of Federated Commons, in which each of us takes our turn in creating, curating, and cultivating the commons.

The federation is therefore a wider concept than a software project, it includes governance, culture, license arrangements, incentive structures and business models - basically everything that makes up a viable system around the commons.

This wide remit is however given specific and narrowly defined focus in terms of the architecture that we create together. This aims to be a minimal and sustainable architecture, designed to fit the requirements of small teams or autonomous groups cooperating to build and maintain the tools, systems and content that makes up the digital commons.

As a starting point we are therefore dealing with a decentralised archive of simple json files - wiki as flat json database. Added to this we are looking at creating a federated microservice platform for the commons that we call, and a governance and incentivisation layer built on distributed ledger technology supporting a clear and transparent legal framework based on the viable systems model.

It is this combination of tooling, and structure, with an organic and flexible human-centred governance that we refer to when talk about the federation - flesh and bones if you like. Soft culture and hard structural components at the service of the culture of the people taking part.

# Federated culture

To this end we are aiming to integrate social processes into the creation and design of the software systems we buid together: * Series of Cultural Events * Conversations Across Space * Thematic conversations * Decentralised Archive * Podcasting Community * Film and Documentary Research