Web Archive Format

What format should we save our data, and code in the Federation? We look for the following properties and qualities for any solution we choose:

- Readable in a standard minimal browser - Editable and readable in a minimal word processor - Sits well with data, code and media - Machine readable - Designed to last 1,000 years

Here we are looking for a file format for the Permanent Web. Perhaps these aspirations are impossible to fulfill. Perhaps basic HTML5 will suffice? A sensible strategy is to opt for layers of insurance.

The layers we consider include: - Adopt standardised markdown - Integrate pandoc to enable HTML5 export - Write a pandoc filter for Fedwiki JSON Schema - Implement a P2P Incentivised IPFS Archive

# Permanent and Temporary

Perhaps we do not wish to consider all the Federation as permanent. Fragile Servers may be a useful way to enable first time users to set up an initial site and experiment before moving over to more permanent servers.

In a similar way we may wish to see certain curated servers as being on the Permanent Web, and only when an author deems content to be worth archiving would she fork it onto a Federation Server that offers this service (see Fork Only Server).